Islamic Laws

Zakat payable on camel, cow and sheep (including goat)

1916. For Zakat on camels, cows and sheep (including goats) there are two additional conditions, besides the other usual conditions:

The animal should have grazed in the jungle or open fields for one year. If it is fed with cut or plucked grass, or if it has grazed in the farm owned by its owner, or somebody else, there is no Zakat on it, except when it was only a matter of day or two during which the animal fed itself with the grass from its master's farm.

As a matter of precaution, it is not a condition that the camel, cow or small cattle should not have worked during the whole year. In fact, Zakat on them will be obligatory, if they are used for irrigation and ploughing the land.

1917. If a person purchases or leases for his camel, cow and sheep, a pasture which has not been cultivated by anyone, Zakat becoming liable is a matter of Ishkal, though as a precaution, Zakat be paid. But, if he pays tax on grazing his animals, then he should pay Zakat.