Hajj Ritual

Prohibitions During the State of Consecration

Once the mukallaf has entered the state of consecration, the following twenty-five things are forbidden:

1. Hunting

2. Sexual intercourse

3. Kissing one's spouse

4. Touching one's spouse

5. Looking at and touching of one's spouse

6. Masturbation

7. Conclusion of a marriage contract (nikah)

8. Using perfume

9. Wearing sewn clothes (simply laying them over is permitted), this applies only for men (the pilgrimage sheets may be hemmed, Translator's Note)

10. Applying kohl

11. Looking in the mirror

12. Wearing footwear reaching up to the ankles (chuff) and/or socks, this applies only to men

13. Committing outrages (fusūq) like lying, swearing, boasting etc.

14. Quarreling

15. Killing insects found on the human body (such as lice)

16. Beautifying oneself

17. Applying body oil

18. Removing body hair

19. Covering the head (for males) or putting the head under water (even for females)

20. Covering the face (in case of females)

21. Protection from the sun or the rain, this applies to men

22. Bloodletting

23. Cutting the nails

24. Tooth extraction, according to some scholars

25. Carrying weapons