Hajj Ritual

12. Wearing Shoes, Socks or Stockings

#248: It is forbidden for a male pilgrim who is in the state of ihrām to wear shoes, socks or stockings if they entirely cover the top of the foot. However, if the pilgrim is unable to obtain open footwear and it is necessary for him to wear shoes, he should – as a precaution – remove a piece of the upper part of his footwear. He may put on any style of shoe that covers only part of the top of the foot. There is no objection if the feet are covered with a blanket or with clothes, e.g. when sitting or lying down. No kaffārah is required for wearing shoes, but for deliberately wearing socks or stockings the penalty is one sheep (ahwaṯ wuğūban). There is no objection to a woman wearing these items.