Hajj Ritual

16. Beautification

#254: As a precautionary measure, a pilgrim who is in the state of ihrām should avoid everything which serves the purpose of beautification, regardless of whether they have the intention to utilize it for that purpose or not. This includes the application of henna except for medicinal purposes. Prior to entering the state of ihrām, the utilization is permitted even if the effect persists when the pilgrim is in the state of consecration.

#255: It is permissible for a pilgrim who is in the state of ihrām to wear a ring, not for decorative purposes but because of recommendations (mustahab – recommended acts) or in order to keep it safe or for counting the rounds of the ṯawāf. However, as a precaution, wearing rings as ornaments ought to be avoided.

#256: A female pilgrim who is in the state of ihrām is not permitted to put on jewelry except for the pieces she would usually wear, e.g. her wedding ring. But if she does so, no penalty is incurred.