Hajj Ritual

19. Covering the Head (for Males)

#262: A male pilgrim who is in the state of ihrām is not permitted to cover his head or part of his head with a draped scarf, a cap, a shirt or anything similar. As a precaution, he should also not transport grass, clay or the like or carry anything else on his head. However, he is permitted to wear a belt around his head as is usually done to carry something, e.g. a leather waterskin, or to tightly tie a handkerchief or the like around his head in order to treat a headache. In this context "head" means that part of the head on which the hair grows. But it is highly recommended that one extend this rule down to the ears.

#263: It is permissible to cover the head with a part of the body, like the hands, but it is advisable to refrain from doing so.

#264: A pilgrim who is in the state of ihrām is not permitted to plunge their head completely under water. As a precautionary measure, this applies also for any other liquid. In this case "head" means the entire head. This rule applies to both men and women.

#265: If a pilgrim who is in the state of consecration covers his head, as a precaution, he ought to pay the kaffārah of one sheep. Clearly, no penalty is incurred if it was absolutely necessary to cover the head.