Hajj Ritual

23. Cutting the Nails

A pilgrim who is in the state of consecration is prohibited from cutting their nails or even part of them unless it bothers them a lot. For example, if a nail is cracked and causes pain, they are permitted to clip it.

#274: The kaffārah for each nail – up to 9 nails – cut without permission, whether they are fingernails or toenails, is two handfuls (one mudd) of staple foods, which is approx. 750g (26.5 oz). If 10 nails have been cut, whether successively or at the same time, the kaffārah is one sheep. However, if all

20 nails are clipped in one session, the penalty inflicted is still only one sheep.

#275: If a person who is in the state of consecration cuts their nails following a fatwā, which allows it, and this causes an injury with bleeding, as a precaution, the kaffārah has to be borne by the person who gave the fatwā.