Hajj Ritual

25. Carrying Weapons

#277: Whilst being in the state of consecration, bearing arms is prohibited and, as a precautionary measure, even carrying a weapon, which gives the impression of one's being armed, is forbidden. "Weapons" refers to all arms commonly considered as such, e.g. swords, spears or guns. Objects that might be used for self-defense are excluded from this rule.

#278: There is no objection to a pilgrim in the state of consecration possessing arms but it should be done in such a way that they could not be considered armed. However, as a precaution, this should be avoided altogether.

#279: The prohibition against carrying weapons is lifted in case of emergency, e.g. if there is a danger of enemies or robbery.

#280: As a precautionary measure, the kaffārah for needlessly bearing arms amounts to one sheep.