Hajj Ritual

Prohibitions Within the Holy Area (The Haram)


Hunting on land (see #199)


Pulling out grass and digging out, pruning or damaging wild trees and plants. There is nothing to be said against damaging grass by walking on it or by letting animals browse. However, it is not permitted to cut grass in order to feed animals.

There are some exceptions:

  • Geranium Grass (Cymbopogon schoenanthus)
  • Harvesting the fruits of palm trees and other fruit-bearing trees
  • Grass may be cut and trees may be harvested by the person who grew them, regardless of whether these plants are now in their possession or in someone else's.
  • Trees and grass that were growing on the property when it was purchased continue to be forbidden to the new owner.

#281: If the trunk of a tree stands inside the Holy Area (Haram) and the tree's branches are outside it, or vice versa, the issue is treated as if the entire tree were standing inside the Holy Area (Haram).

#282: The penalty for removing a tree corresponds to the value of that tree and that for a part of a tree with the value of that part. No penalty is stipulated for cutting grass.


Executing a religious punishment on someone who incurred a penalty outside of the Haram and seeks refuge inside of it. However, one should refrain from providing them with food, beverages or lodgings, from doing business with them and from communicating with them, so that their only option is to leave the Haram and to receive their punishment.


According to one opinion: Picking up lost property inside of the Haram. But doing so is apparently disliked. If someone does pick up lost property and cannot detect any distinguishing mark on it, which would enable them to find the owner, they may keep it for themselves. As a precaution, they should make a donation (amounting to the value of the lost property) in the name of the owner. If it is worth more than one Dirham (approx. 3 grams of silver, Translator's Note), they should announce its finding for one year, and only if the owner does not claim it, should they make the donation in the owner's name.