Hajj Ritual

The Boundaries of the Haram Area

The boundaries of the Haram are well-known, and the knowledge about them has been passed down from generation to generation. The northern limit is At-Tanim, in the North-West it is Al-Hudaibiyyah/Ash-Shamisi, in the North-East it is at Thaniyyatu Gabalu-l-Maqta, the East is delimited by Taraf Arafat min Batni Namirah, in the South-East it is Al-Ga'ranah and the south-western limit is Ida'tu Laban.

The illuminated city of Medina is also part of the Haram. The mountains ´Athir and Wa´ir and the valleys of Waqim and Laila define this area. Even though a state of consecration is not required in order to enter Medina, the same rules concerning the trees apply here as in Mecca, and – as a precaution – (al-ahwaṯ) hunting is prohibited.