Hajj Ritual


The second obligation of the ´Umratu-t-Tamattu´ is the ṯawāf. If a pilgrim intentionally leaves it undone, their pilgrimage becomes null and void, whether or not they were aware of this ruling. If the pilgrim did not know about the rule, as a precaution, they have to sacrifice a camel.

The ṯawāf has been left undone if on the day of Arafat the pilgrim delays all the obligations for the ´Umrah so long that they are not completed by the time of Adh-Dhuhr.

If the ´Umrah becomes invalid, it is evident that the state of consecration has also become void. Changing over to Hağğu-l-Ifrād is not sufficient, although it is advisable to do so as a precautionary measure. To be on the safe side, the ṯawāf, the prayer after the ṯawāf, the sa´ī and the performance of the haircut should be done with an universal intention which would be valid both for the Hağğu-l-Ifrād and for the ´Umratu-l-Mufradah.