Hajj Ritual

Stepping Out of the Area of Ṯawāf

#304: If a pilgrim steps out of the area of the ṯawāf and enters the Ka´aba, their ṯawāf is invalid and has to be repeated. In doing so, it is preferable (al-awlā) to begin by first completing the ṯawāf and then repeating it – if the transgression took place after completing the first half of the ṯawāf.

#305: The base of the Ka´aba (Shadharwaan) is considered the outer boundary of the Ka´aba. If the pilgrim crosses it, e.g. by touching the wall of the Ka´aba in order to attain blessing, the ṯawāf becomes invalid for that part of the distance where the boundaries of the Ka´aba where not kept. Therefore, this part has to be repeated after moving backwards. Then the pilgrim continues the completion of their ṯawāf. Then it is ahwaṯ-ul-awlā to repeat it. In general, it is better not to touch the Ka´aba when performing the ṯawāf.

#306: If, in the course of the ṯawāf, a pilgrim steps on the Hijr Ismail because they overlooked it or out of ignorance, the round in which this occurred is invalid. There is no doubt that the round has to be repeated, preferably after completing the ṯawāf. The same rule applies, as a precaution, if the pilgrim walks on the wall of the Hijr. While performing the ṯawāf, the pilgrim must not reach their hand over the wall.