Hajj Ritual

Taqsīr (Cutting the Hair of the Head)

Taqsīr is the fifth obligation of the ´Umratu-t-Tamattu´. It requires the intention to act in order to achieve the benevolence of Allah, and for it some hairs of the head, the beard or the mustache must be cut. To satisfy the obligation of taqsīr, it is not sufficient to simply pull out some hairs. Apparently, cutting a little of the fingernails or the toenails suffices. However, as a precautionary measure, it is preferable to cut the hair instead of the nails and if also cutting the nails, to do so after the haircut.

#350: With the performance of taqsīr, the ´Umratu-t-Tamattu´ is complete. It is not permissible to shave the entire head. This is prohibited and incurrs the penalty of a sheep if done knowingly and deliberately. It is even al-ahwaṯ to slaughter a sheep, in any case.

#351: If a pilgrim knowingly and deliberately engages in sexual intercourse after the sa´ī but before performing taqsīr, they are liable to the sacrifice of a camel (kaffārah). If it happened due to ignorance of the rule, the penalty is remitted.

#352: The taqsīr has to be performed after the sa´ī and it is not permitted to do so beforehand.

#353: The taqsīr does not need to be performed immediately after the sa´ī, and the choice of where to do it is left to the pilgrim, whether in Marwa or at home or wherever they like.

#354: If a pilgrim enters the state of consecration for the Hajj and deliberately leaves out the taqsīr, their ´Umrah is invalid, and it is apparent that they have to change their Hajj to Hağğu-l-Ifrād. They will have to perform the ´Umrat-ul-Mufradah later, and – as a precautionary measure – they have to repeat their Hajj the following year.

#355: If a pilgrim skips the taqsīr because of an oversight and assumes the state of consecration for the Hajj, their ´Umrah and their ihrām is valid, but – as a precaution – they should slaughter a sheep.

#356: In case of the ´Umratu-t-Tamattu´, all the prohibitions that were effective during the state of ihrām – including the shaving of the head – are lifted for a pilgrim who has performed the taqsīr. As a precautionary measure, they should refrain from shaving their head, and if they nonetheless deliberately do so, they should – as a precaution – perform the penalty of slaughtering a sheep.

#357: The ṯawāf-un-nisā is not obligatory for the ´Umratu-t-Tamattu´, but there is no objection to performing it.