Hajj Ritual

The Optional Pilgrimage

#130: It is recommended that the pilgrimage be done, if possible, even if the required means are not available but an opportunity to do so has been provided or when it is possible to perform it after the Hağğatu-l-Islām. For those who can afford it, it is recommended that it be done every year.

#131: It is recommended that one leave Mecca with the intention of returning.

Tradition even has it that the intention not to return to Mecca shortens the lifespan.

#132: It is recommended that one enable someone who could not afford it themselves to perform the pilgrimage, that is, that one cover their expenses.

It is also advisable to borrow money for an optional pilgrimage if one will be able to repay the loan afterwards. Similarly, it is recommended that one make many charitable donations during the pilgrimage.

#133: The deserving poor who receive zakāh from the portion for the poor and needy are permitted to spend this money on a recommended pilgrimage.

#134: The consent of her husband is a condition for an optional pilgrimage of a married woman. This applies also for a woman who is in the waiting period of a divorce which could still be undone by the husband but not for a woman who is in the waiting period of a divorce which cannot be reversed. Similarly, a widow who is still in the waiting period after the death of her husband is allowed to perform the pilgrimage.