Hajj Ritual

III. Distributing the Sacrifice

As a precautionary measure, the pilgrim should eat a bit of their sacrificial animal, even if it is only a little, as long as it does not harm them. They are permitted to keep up to one third of the sacrifice for themselves and their family. One third may be given away as a gift. As an obligatory measure of precaution, the last third has to be donated to the needy among the faithful as a charitable donation (sadaqah). There is no need for the pilgrim to personally distribute the one third for the needy. If it is difficult to find poor people or that would take great effort, the obligation does not apply. It is permitted to appoint another person to share it out according to the instructions of the owner, as a gift, for sale or in any other way or just to let someone else have it. It is allowed to distribute the meat outside of Mina if there are no needy people in Mina.

#400: It is not necessary to divide the meat of the sacrificial animal into three exactly equal parts. It is sufficient for each recipient to know that a sacrificial animal is meant for them, and then they can take whatever part they like.

#401: If someone receives a portion of meat as a gift or as a charitable donation, they are free to do with it as they please. There is no objection if they give it to someone who is not a Muslim.

#402: If the meat of an animal was stolen or violently taken away after having been sacrificed and before it was distributed as a charitable donation or as a gift, the owner does not have to compensate for it. If the owner deliberately wastes the meat or shares it with people who are not entitled to it, they are liable for the portion for the needy.