Hajj Ritual

The Overnight Stay in Mina

The twelfth obligation:

The twelfth obligation is to spend the nights of the 11th and the 12th of the month of Dhu-l-Hiğğah in Mina. One must set the intention of attaining closeness to Allah. If someone wants to go to Mecca on the day of the festival in order to perform ṯawāf and sa´ī, they are obligated to return to Mina before sunset to spend the night of the 11th there. Someone who cannot abstain from hunting, must also stay the night of the 13th in Mina. The same applies – as a precautionary measure – for those who have not abstained from sexual intercourse during the ihrām. Except for these two cases the pilgrims may depart on the 12th after the beginning of noon (Dhuhr) but if they cannot leave Mina before sunset, they must also stay there on the night of the 13th till dawn.

#426: If the pilgrim who is about to leave Mina is held up by the traffic, for example, so that they cannot set off before sunset, they must – if they have the ability – spend the night there. If this is not feasible for them, they are allowed to leave Mina and have to slaughter a sheep as a kaffārah.

#427: Staying the night in Mina does not mean spending the whole night there. Therefore, one is not obliged to stay in Mina for the whole night except for the case already mentioned (if the pilgrim has to stay the night of the 13th).

If the pilgrim stays from the beginning of the night until midnight, they are allowed to leave Mina afterwards. It is

al-ahwaṯ not to enter Mecca before dawn. If they leave Mina at the beginning of the night or earlier, they have to return before dawn, and it is al-ahwaṯ to return before midnight.

#428: The following cases are exempt from the requirement of staying in Mina (resulting from the rules which make staying in Mina necessary):

(1) Someone who finds it difficult to stay in Mina or who fears for their property or their life when staying in Mina.

(2) A pilgrim who has been outside Mina from the beginning of the night or even before and has stayed in Mecca for worship in the time before midnight until Al-Fağr (except for taking breaks for the necessary everyday occurrences like eating and drinking etc.).

(3) If a pilgrim who is on their way to Mina has left Mecca and already passed a place called Aqabatil Madaniyyeen, they are allowed to sleep en route before arriving in Mina.

(4) People who provide the pilgrims with water.

#429: Someone who fails to stay the nights in Mina has to slaughter one sheep in expiation for each night missed. This does not apply to the categories mentioned-above under (2), (3) and (4). As a precautionary measure, those mentioned under (1) and those who neglected the stay due to an oversight or because of ignorance of the rule should also sacrifice one sheep for each night.

#430: If a person leaves Mina on the 12th before sunset and then returns on the night of the 13th for any reason, they are not obligated to spend the night there.