Hajj Ritual

Things discouraged while being in the state of ihrām

1. Wearing black cloth for the ihrām. As a precautionary measure, this color should be avoided and white cloth should be preferred for the ihrām.

2. Sleeping on yellow bedding or a yellow pillow.

3. Wearing dirty sheets for the ihrām. If they become dirty when the pilgrim is already in the state of ihrām, it is better not to wash them, but there is no objection to putting on another pair of sheets.

4. Wearing ihrām clothing with pictures on it.

5. Applying henna before entering the state of ihrām if its color would persist to the time when the pilgrim is assuming the state of ihrām.

6. Taking a bath, and it is preferred, as a precautionary measure, not to massage the body.

7. Replying to someone calling by saying: “Labbayk”, that is, "Here I am!"