Hajj Ritual

Things recommended on entering the Haram

1. On reaching the Haram, the pilgrim has to either dismount or get out of their vehicle and performs the full ablution in order to enter it.

2. On entering the Haram, the pilgrim has to remove their shoes and hold them in their hands in humility to Allah, the Supreme.

3. At the time of entering the Haram, the following supplication might be said:

اللهم انك قلت في كتابك المنزل وقولك الحق :( واذن في الناس بالحج ياتوك رجالا وعلى كل ضامر ياتين من كل فج عميق ) اللهم واني ارجو ان اكون ممن اجاب دعوتك وقد جئت من شقة بعيدة وفج عميق سامعا لندائك و مستجيبا لك مطيعا لامرك وكل ذالك من فضلك علي واحسانك الي فلك الحمد على ما وفقتني له ابتغي بذالك الزلفة عندك والقربة اليك والمنزلة لديك والمغفرة لذنوبي والتوبة علي منها بمنك اللهم صل على محمد وال محمد وحرم بدني على النار وامني من عذابك وعقابك برحمتك يا ارحم الراحمين

(O Allah! You have stated in Your Book and Your word is true: "And proclaim among men the Pilgrimage, and they shall come unto thee on foot and upon every lean beast, they shall come from every deep ravine."

(The Holy Qur'an, 22:27, Translation of A. J. Arberry).

O Allah! it is my fervent hope that I may be among those who responded to Your call. And indeed, I have come from far away despite difficulties and a remote path, listening to Your call, responding to You and obeying Your command. All this became possible because of Your favor for me and Your benevolence towards me. So Yours are all the praises and thanks, for You made this arrangement. By this I express my desire for closeness to You and for a home with You and the forgiveness of my sins and acceptance of my repentance for them (my sins) by Your favor. O Allah! Send Your blessings upon Muhammad and his progeny and out of Your mercy let my body be spared from the hellfire and let me be safe from Your punishment and penalties, O Most Merciful of the merciful).

4. Chewing a little of Edhkher (lemongrass) at the time of entry.