Hajj Ritual

Appropriate conduct during the Ṯawāf prayer

For the ṯawāf prayer, after the recitation of the Chapter of

Al-Fātiha, it is recommended that one recite the Chapter of Tawhīd in the first raka´ah and the Chapter of Al-Kafirūn in the second raka´ah. On completion of the prayer, the pilgrim should praise Allah, ask Allah to send blessings upon Muhammad and his progeny (as) and pray for the acceptance of one’s efforts. It has been reported from Imam as-Sadiq (as) that, after the prayer while prostrating himself he would say the following:

سجد وجهي لك تعبدا ورقا لا اله الا انت حقاحقا الاول قبل كل شيئ

والا خر بعد كل شيئ و ها انا ذا بين يديك ناصيتي بيدك واغفرلي انه لا يغفر الذنب العظيم غيرك فاغفرلي فاني مقر بذنوبي على نفسي ولا يدفع الذنب العظيم غيرك

(I prostrate myself before You in worship and servitude. It is the truth that there is no God but You. You were there before anything and will be there after everything. And here I am, between Your hands and my forelock is in Your hand (Translator's Note: You have total mastery over me). Forgive me for there is no one who forgives major sins except You. So forgive me as I confess my sins and admit my guilt; no one can exonerate cardinal sins except You.)

It is recommended that one drink Zamzam water before departing to Safa and say:

اللهم اجعله علما نافعا ورزقا واسعا وشفاء من كل داء وسقم

(O Allah! Let knowledge be beneficial and sustenance be abundant and let there be a cure for every illness and disease.)

On completion of the ṯawāf prayer, if possible, the pilgrim should draw a bucket or two of water from the well of Zamzam, drink a little and pour a little on their head, back and body and recite the supplication mentioned above. Then the pilgrim should proceed to the Black Stone and from there to Safa.