Hajj Ritual

Appropriate conduct while in the state of ihrām during the stay at Arafat

Everything that has been stated above about appropriate conduct while in the state of ihrām during the ´Umrah applies equally to the state of ihrām during the Hajj. If a pilgrim had entered the ihrām for the Hajj and had then departed from Mecca, they would have to say the talbiyyah while on their way but not in a loud voice until they reach Abtah, when it must be said aloud. When the pilgrim is heading for Mina, they should say:

اللهم إياك أرجو وإياك أدعوا ، فبلغني أملي وأصلح لي علمي

(O Allah! To You I pray and upon You I call. So fulfill my hopes and improve my knowledge.)

Then the pilgrim should proceed to Mina peacefully and with respect, engrossed in remembrance of Allah. On reaching there, they should say:

الحمد لله الذي أقدمنيها صالحاً في عافية وبلغني هذا المكان

(All praise is due to Allah Who sent me forth to her (Mina) in righteousness and in well-being and Who took me to this place.)

Then say:

اللهم وهذه منى ، وهي مما مننت به على أوليائك من المناسك ، فأسألك أن تصلي على محمد وآل محمد ، وأن تمن عليّ فيها بما مننت على اوليائك وأهل طاعتك فإنما أنا عبدك وفي قبضتك

(O Allah! This is Mina where You have graced Your supporters and friends with the rituals of the Hajj. I beseech You to send Your blessings upon Muhammad and upon the progeny of Muhammad and to grant me in this place the grace You have bestowed on Your supporters and friends and on the people who obey You, for I am Your Servant and in Your hand.)

In Mina, it is recommended that one spend the eve of Arafat in worship, which is preferably done by praying in the Mosque of Kheef. After dawn, the pilgrim should continue to pray till sunrise, and then they should proceed to Arafat. There is no objection to departing from Mina before sunrise. When the pilgrim is heading for Arafat, they should say:

اللهم إليك صمدت وإياك اعتمدت ووجهك أردت ، فأسألك إن تبارك لي في رحلتي وأن تقضي لي حاجتي ، وأن تجعلني ممن تباهي به اليوم من هو أفضل مني

(O Allah! I turn to You, and I trust in You, and I wish to please You. I beseech You to bless my journey and to fulfill my needs and to include me with those You are proud of today and who are superior to me.)

Then the pilgrim should recite the talbiyyah until they reach Arafat.