Hajj Ritual


#147: This pilgrimage consists of two parts. The first is the ´Umrah and the second is the Hajj. The second part is also called Hağğu-t-Tamattu´. The ´Umrah has to be performed before the Hajj.

#148: For the ´Umratu-t-Tamattu´ five things are obligatory:

1. Entering the state of consecration (ihrām) at one of the places appropriate for that purpose (mīqāt), which will be discussed later

2. Circumambulation (ṯawāf) of the Ka´aba

3. The prayer (salāh) after ṯawāf

4. The walk between Safa und Marwa (sa´ī)

5. Taqsīr, which means cutting a few hairs of one’s head,

beard or mustache

On completion of these five ceremonies the state of consecration is terminated and everything that had been forbidden during that state is once again permitted.

#149: The mukallaf must prepare himself/herself for the Hajj before the 9th Dhu-l-Hiğğah.