Hajj Ritual

Farewell Ṯawāf

Upon leaving Mecca, it is recommended that the pilgrim perform a ṯawāf of farewell (ṯawāf-ul-widā). In each round they should salute the Black Stone and the Yemeni Corner (Rukn-ul-Yamaani, the corner which one passes before getting to the Black Stone). They should perform the same recommended acts that have already been set out for reaching the Mustağār. They should state their wishes. Then they should salute the Black Stone and press their body to the Holy Ka´aba. It is recommended that they touch the Black Stone with one hand and the door of the Holy Ka´aba with the other.

Then they should thank and praise Allah, ask Allah to send blessings upon Muhammad and his progeny (as) and then say:

اللهم صل على محمد عبدك ورسولك ونبيك وأمينك وحبيبك ونجيك وخيرتك من خلقك ، اللهم كما بلغ رسالاتك وجاهد في سبيلك وصدع بأمرك وأوذي في جنبك وعبدك حتى أتاه اليقين، اللهم أقلبني مفلحا منجحا مستجاباً لي بأفضل ما يرجع به أحد من وفدك من المغفرة والبركة والرحمة والرّضوان والعافية

(O Allah! Send blessings upon Muhammad, Your Servant and Your Messenger and Your Prophet and Your trustee and Your beloved and Your confidant and the best of Your creation. O Allah! Just as he delivered Your message and strove hard in Your cause and declared Your command openly and suffered for Your cause and worshipped You until there came to him the certainty (i.e. death), O Allah, transform me, so that I become prosperous, successful, granting me the best of what any of your visitors draws on themselves in terms of forgiveness and blessing and mercy and satisfaction and well-being).

When leaving, it is recommended that one use the Gate of Hannateen and pause, facing the Rukn-ash-Shāmi (the Hiğr Isma´īl), and seek from Allah the good fortune to return. At the time of departure, it is also recommended that one purchase about one Dirham worth (which is the equivalent of 3.65 grams of silver) of dates to be given away to the poor.