Hajj Ritual

Greeting the Great Messenger (saas)

It is very strongly recommended that the pilgrim take the return path via Medina and that they visit the Great Messenger (saas), his pure and truthful daughter (as) and the Imams in the Baqi´ cemetery (as).

The boundaries of Medina are the A´eer and the Wa´eer which are two mountains surrounding Medina from east to west. Some scholars regard these places as sacrosanct and hold that, although it is not obligatory to enter the state of ihrām to be there, it is not permitted to cut trees, in particular the young ones, except of those that are also permitted within the boundaries of Mecca, and that hunting is also prohibited between the mountains. However, it is apparent that both actions are permitted and the opinion that it is prohibited results from an excess of precaution.