Hajj Ritual


Transcription for the romanization of the arabic terms we used the following transcription.

ا ā as in "argue"
ب b as in "book"
ت t as in "today"
ث th as in "three"
ج ğ as in "journey"
ح h a hoarse guttural sound
خ kh similiar to the Spanish J as in "Juan"
د d as in "destiny"
ذ dh as in "the"
ر r a rolled R, similar to the Spanish R
ز z as in "zinc"
س s as in "self"
ش sh as in "short"
ص s an emphatic S, that is pronounced deeper


an emphatic D, that is pronounced deeper

ط an emphatic T, that is pronounced deeper
ظ dh a "th", that is pronounced deeper, as in "those"
ع ´ a strained guttural sound, produced by contracting the muscles in the throat
غ gh similar to the French R as in "ratatouille"
ف f as in "film"
ق q an emphatic Q, that is pronounced deeper
ك k as in "castle"
ل l as in "life"
م m as in "mother"
ن n as in "never"
ه h as in "help"
و w as in "when"


as in "moon"
يـ y as in "yellow"
ي ī as in "me"
ء ' a glottal stop