Current Legal Issues

Types of Umrah and their Rules

Q. A pilgrim performed umrah Mufradah and headed for Arafat, which is outside the parameter of the haram (holy precinct of Makka), to attend to some matters concerning pilgrims, not for wuquf (devotional stay at Arafat, as part of hajj rituals). Is it obligatory on him to wear ihram for an other umrah mufradah, if he has already performed umrah mufradah in the same month. On the assumption of it being obligatory, where should he wear ihram?

Going to Arafat and other places [outside the parameter of the haram] is permissible as long as the month [Thil Hijja] has not come to an end. If it did, the pilgrim has to wear ihram for another umrah from the nearest point [miqat] outside Makka.