Current Legal Issues

Forbidden Acts During Ihram

1. Covering the Head

Q. If covering the head was recurrent in each ihram, should kaffarah (atonement or expiation) be repeated [for every incident]?

It is likely that one kaffarah for each ihram would do.

2. Shading

Q.1 If someone else cast a shade over you while you are walking, is kaffarah obligatory?

If one cannot get out of the shade, there shall be no kaffarah. If you were able to get out, and you did not, even for forestalling a harm, kaffarah is obligatory.

Q.2 On the assumption that the pilgrim got under the shade of an umbrella [used by others] through no choice of his, is it permissible or not?

It is permissible, unless there are reasons, as in the case discussed in the preceding question, that may require the opposite.