Current Legal Issues

Rules of Kaffarah

Q. Suppose a kaffarah was due on a pilgrim. He delayed it, either deliberately or inadvertently, until he went back to his home town. Is the delay permissible? If he carries out the kaffarah after his return, does he need to uphold conditions of slaughtering sacrificial sheep as if it was done in Mina, i.e. the sheep be sound and healthy?

The places where a sheep can be slaughtered by way of kaffarah are either Mekka or Mina. The details of this matter have been discussed in article (283) of Mainsail Hajj. It is, therefor, obligatory to carry out slaughtering there. However, if this was not done until ones return to his home town, slaughtering would be permissible wherever he liked. In this case, conditions of the sacrifice should not necessarily be adhered to.