Current Legal Issues

Rules of Rami of Jamarat

Q.1 The presence of women and the feeble from men, when doing Rami of Jamarat, may result in putting t hem in harms way. It may lead to death because of the multitudes. Can a husband or others do rami for them?

As suggested by the question, women and the feeble perform rami of Jamrah of Aqaba themselves on the eve of Eid. If it is not feasible, they could deputise someone to do it for them during daytime. As for rami on the 11th and after, they should ask someone to do it for them. Their own rami during night time would not be sufficient. It is preferable that the mandator be present to witness rami.

Q.2 Would using a suspect pebble [i.e. for fear of it having been used for rami] be in order?

Yes, it is in order.

Q.3 Would rami, that is carried out from level two, be in order?

On the premise of ihtiyat, rami of Jamarat should be done to those parts of them that were at the time of the Prophet (s.a.w.) and the Imams (a.s.), which are now way away from the level of ground because of the height of their bases. If one was unable to do rami at those parts, as a matter of ihtiyat, one should resort to combining both the deputation to do rami on ones behalf and doing rami at the exposed parts themselves.

Q.2 Is it permissible to do rami of Jamrah Aqaba from all sides?

It is obligatory to do ramy of Jamrah Aqaba itself, i.e. it is not permissible to throw pebbles at the wall supporting it from the back.