Current Legal Issues

Jumuah Prayer

2. Preference of attending Jumuah [congregational] prayer, provided that it is held according to the conditions [stipulated in canon law]:

Evidently, performing Jumuah prayer is obligatory as a matter of choice. This means that, on a Friday, the mukallaf has the option of either performing Jumuah prayer according to the detail that will follow, or holding Dhuhr prayer. However, performing Jumuah prayer is preferable. If it was performed according to stipulations, it would make up for Dhuhr prayer". Minhajus Saliheen, p. 307.

"The time for holding Jumuah prayer is the start of zawaal of a Friday as urf have it. If it is not held during this time, performing Dhuhr prayer becomes a must". Al-Masaail, article 193.