Current Legal Issues

Leather Products

7. Leather [products] acquired from non-Muslims that may be considered tahir due to the possibility of [the animal] being slaughtered according to Islamic law:

"It is permissible to sell [trade in] leather products, meat, and animal fat imported from non-Muslim countries [from a source] that is known to be unbeliever. The same goes for the ruling regarding its being tahir and performing prayer in it [wearing a leather belt for example]. This should be the case on the premise that the animal was slaughtered according to Islamic sharia law. However, it is haraam to consume, unless it was ascertained that the animal had been slaughtered according to Islamic law. That is, unless such goods were produced Islamic land, or imported by an Islamic country, or handled by Muslims, [i.e. slaughtering is carried out in Islamic way]. The same goes for goods acquired through Muslims, if it was known that the source was unbelieving and without enquiring about the way of slaughtering.