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Islamic Dress Code

9. [Islamic dress code] - the permissibility of exposing the face and hands [of a woman] to people, other than her mehaarim (immediate relatives -according to a certain classification detailed in sharia law)

"It is obligatory on the woman to cover her hair and the rest of her body, apart from the face and hands from people, other than her husband and other mehaarim, among the adults in general. Rather, she should cover herself from those who have not yet attained adulthood, if they were discerning, and their looking at her could result in sexual arousal. As for the face and hands, it is evident that it is permissible to expose them, except for fear of falling into a haraam act, or for the purpose of ensnaring man to look at haraam [objects]. In this case, exposing such parts of the body is haraam, even to mehaarim". Al-Masaail article 1021.