Current Legal Issues

Tamam and Qasr Prayer (in and out of Makka)

12. A person stayed ten days at Mekka, having the intent to stay for the period. He then left for Arafat, assuming the distance between the two is less than four farsakh(a unit of distance equivalent to eleven kilometres). What is the ruling on the form of prayer, i.e. tamam or qasr, at Arafat, Mashar and Mina?

If the distance is as suggested by the question, prayer should be performed tamam.

13. What is the ruling on him who left Mekka for Arafat before completing ten days, for a valid reason that required him to abort his stay, and after he performed a fourrukaa (bowing) prayer at Mekka with the niyyah of being resident [for ten days or more]?

On the assumption that the distance between Mekka and Arafat is less than four farsakh, he should perform tamam prayer.

14. On the day of Eid, a pilgrim returned from Mina to Mekka, then went back to Mina. What form his prayer should take, tamam or qasr, noting that he had previously stayed in Mekka for ten days?

If the distance from the periphery of Mekka to Arafat, Muzdalifa, Mina, and back was forty four kilometres or more, qasr prayer should be performed at these locations, and at Mekka on return, should he decide not stay there for ten days. Conversely, prayer should be performed tamam at all the said locations.