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Common mistake in ihram

1. Sometimes a man in ihram accompanies the women to help them in doing the hajj rituals and sits with them in a covered vehicle during daytime while he is forbidden from shading his head from the sun or the rain. In this case, it is obligatory on him to pay the penalty in form of sacrificing the sheep.

2. Some male pilgrims in the state of ihram think that they are allowed to shade themselves from the sun without any excuse as long as they pay the penalty. This is incorrect because paying the penalty does not make the shading of oneself from the sun permissible.

3. Similarly, some male pilgrims think that once they have shaded themselves from the sun once and the penalty has become due on them, then they are allowed to repeatedly travel in covered vehicles without any excuse. This is incorrect since the prohibition of shading oneself from the sun applies on the person in ihram unless he is compelled by necessity – no matter whether or not a penalty is applicable on him.

4. Lying, cursing and boasting about oneself (based on wealth, position or genealogy in such a way that a believer is insulted) is always forbidden. Its prohibition, however, is intensified in the state of ihram. And its penalty is seeking forgiveness from Allah; nonetheless, the penalty of sacrificing a cow is required based on precaution.

5. Sometimes a pilgrim in ihram passes by a place with a foul smell and he instinctively closes his nose. This is forbidden for him; however, he is allowed to move away hastily from that place.

6. A pilgrim sometimes swears in the name of Almighty Allah falsely to prove or disprove something. If he does that, then he has to pay a penalty by sacrificing a sheep. And if he swears truthfully three times, even then he has to pay a similar penalty.

7. People regularly clip the nail of their hands and feet. This is a good thing but not for a pilgrim who is in the state of ihram.

8. It is permissible to use the land and cell telephone in the state of ihram. However, some male pilgrims do not realize that by placing the phone on their ears, they are covering the ear and, based on precaution, that is not permissible in the state of the ihram. This problem can be avoided by keeping the phone little be away from the ear so as not to cover it.

9. Some male pilgrims in the state of ihram wear sleepers that only expose their toes. However, based on precaution, this is not permissible; it is not sufficient that only the toes are exposed, besides the toes, a part of the upper feet must also be exposed.

10. Some pilgrims kill the insects or the bedbugs or flies by using insecticides or other sprays. This is a mistake since he is not allowed to kill any insect except if they are harmful and there is no other way of getting rid of them.