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Conditions of tawaf

The following conditions are to be observed in doing the tawat:

1. The Niyyat: the pilgrim should intend to do the tawaf with total sincerity for the sake of Allah by saying, for example, “I am doing tawaf around the House of Allah seven rounds for the ‘umrah at-tamattu‘ of hajj of Islam to seek pleasure of Allah.” It is not necessary to do the niyyat in so many words, just the intention in the mind is sufficient.

2. Purity: It is necessary for the pilgrim to be ritually pure, i.e., free from the minor and minor defilements. (The major defilement is caused, for example, by sexual intercourse and monthly cycle that require a major ablution; and the minor defilement is caused, for example, by urinating and emptying the bowels that require a minor ablution.) It is appropriate for me to emphasize here that the pilgrim must ensure the correctness of his major ablution (ghusl), his minor ablution (wudhu), and his ritual prayer (salat). He has to ensure this before doing his pilgrimage, and this can be done by getting your method of ghusl, wudhu and salat verified by someone who is trustworthy and learned in this matter. In every hajj caravan, there is someone who can fulfill this role besides the religious scholars, preachers, guides and volunteers who always seek for the opportunity to serve the guests of the Merciful God in the best manner possible.

3. The dress and the body of the pilgrim must be ritually pure.

4. & 5. The male pilgrim must be circumcised, and private parts must be covered during the tawaf.