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Obligations of tawaf

There are eight things obligatory in tawaf:

1. & 2. Each of the seven rounds must begin from the Black Stone and end at the Black Stone. In order to ensure that his tawaf was done properly, he should start the first round a little before the Black Stone and do the niyyat right when he reaches the Stone on his left side. Then he should continue the circumambulation of the Ka‘bah seven times until he passes the Black Stone at the end of the seventh time. This is how he can ensure that he began and ended his tawaf at the Black Stone.

3. Keep the Ka‘bah to his left during the entire tawaf. There is no need to be exactly precise about this since the Prophet (s.a.w.) did the tawaf while he was riding on a camel.

4. Do the tawaf outside the Hijr Isma‘il wall and not go through the passage between the Hijr and the Ka‘bah.

5. Do the tawaf around the Ka‘bah without touching its ledge which is known as Shadhranu ’l-Ka‘bah.

6. Do the tawaf around the Ka‘bah seven times as mentioned earlier.

7. The seven rounds of the tawaf should be continuous without any significant gap between its rounds with the exception of the cases mentioned in the detailed manual of pilgrimage.

8. The movement of the pilgrim around the Ka‘bah should be by his own will and intention even when the crowd is intense. A pilgrim’s ability to move away from the tawaf area is sufficient to prove his “will and intention” in movement even if he isn’t able to stop because of the crowd.