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Method of salat (Prayer) of tawaf

Salat of tawaf is two rak‘ats like the Dawn Prayer.
The pilgrim has to do the niyyat of sincerity by saying, for example, “I am doing the salat of tawaf of ‘umrah at-tamattu‘ of hajj at-tamattu‘ to seek the pleasure of Almighty Allah.” It is not necessary that the niyyat be said in some many words, the intention in the mind is sufficient. One has the option of reciting the surahs loudly or silently in salat of tawaf.

It is necessary to do the salat of tawaf near the Maqam Ibrahim (a.s.) and behind it. If this is not possible, then there could be two situations:

1. If it is possible for the pilgrim to do the salat close to the Maqam on one of the two sides of it – then he should do the salat of tawaf two times: once on the side of Maqam and then behind it, even if one has go far behind it.

2. If it is not possible to do the salat near the Maqam by its two sides, then he may do it anywhere behind the Maqam. Based on precaution, it is better to find a place as close as possible of the Maqam.

By saying “if it is not possible to do the salat near the Maqam,” I mean that the pilgrim is unable to do the salat near the Maqam because of the crowd of pilgrims and worshippers in such a way that even if prays there he would not be able to do so peacefully.

This applies only for the salat of wajib tawaf; but for sunnat tawaf, one can say the salat in any part of the Sacred Mosque.