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Rules of salat (Prayer) of tawaf

1. It is necessary to do the salat of tawaf in the correct manner. So if someone’s recitation is not grammatically correct, then he must learn how to recite it properly. However, if he cannot learn the correct way and he is only slightly off the mark, then that should be okay.

2. It a pilgrim does the salat of tawaf in an invalid manner out of ignorance or forgetfulness, then if he comes to know the correct way or remembers his mistake while he is still in Mecca, then he must go and do the salat again behind the Maqam Ibrahim (a.s.). And if he comes to know or remembers his mistake after leaving Mecca, then, based on obligatory precaution, he has to return to Mecca and do the salat behind the Maqam except if it becomes extremely difficult to return, then he may say the salat wherever he remembers it.

3. The salat of tawaf cannot be done in jama‘at (congregational) form; it must be done in furada form.