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Sa‘i is the fourth of obligatory rituals of ‘umrah at-tamattu‘.

After completing the salat of tawaf, it is recommended for the pilgrim to drink from Zamzam water before going towards the Safa hill for the sa‘i.

It is also recommended for him to go calmly towards Safa from the door which is opposite the Black Stone. And when he ascend on the hill of Safa, he should look towards the Ka‘bah, especially towards the corner of the Black Stone and then thank Allah, praise Him, remember His blessings and then descend from Safa to begin the sa‘i.

It is recommended for the pilgrim to do the walk calmly for the sa‘i until he reaches the first pillar (which is identified by a special light). From the first pillar to the next one, it is recommended for the men to walk briskly; however, this recommended is not for women.