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Rules of Taqsir

1. The niyyat (sincere intention) to please Almighty Allah. This may be done by saying: “I am doing the taqsir for ‘umrah at-tamattu‘ for seeking the pleasure of Almighty Allah.” It does not have to be said in some many words; just the intention in the mind is sufficient.

2. Taqsir involves cutting a little bit of the hair from the head or the beard or the moustache.

3. Neither is it necessary to do the taqsir immediately after the sa‘i nor has it to be done in mas‘a (the place of sa‘i). One can do the taqsir any where he likes, in the mas‘a or at the hotel, etc.

4. Once the taqsir has been done, then all the restriction placed on the pilgrim by donning the ihram of ‘umarh will be lifted.

5. There is no tawafun nisa’ in ‘umrah at-tamattu‘; that is only part of the hajj at-tamattu‘ and ‘umrah mufradah.