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Common mistake in Taqsir

1. The obligatory act to free oneself from the restrictions of ihram of ‘umrah is the taqsir. So if someone knowingly shaves his head instead of the taqsir (which is just cutting a little from the hair), then he has committed a sin and has to pay the penalty in form of sacrificing a sheep.

2. Some people do the taqsir by just clipping their nail. Based on obligatory precaution, that is not sufficient. So if one wants to clip his nail, then he must do so after cutting a little from the hair.

3. Instead of doing the taqsir by himself, the pilgrim can ask someone else (who is no longer in the state of ihram) to cut a little of the hair from his head for the taqsir. This is okay and correct.

However, it will be wrong to ask someone who is still in the state of ihram to do the taqsir for someone else. (A person gets out of the state of ihram only after he has done his own taqsir even if he still is wearing the ihram.) This is serious because of its implications: if a person who is still in the state of ihram (i.e., has not yet done his own taqsir) does the taqsir for someone else, then he has violated the rules of ihram in which he can’t cut the hair or clip the nail of himself or someone else. This violation makes his ‘umrah at-tamattu‘ invalid, his hajj become hajj al-ifrad, and he has to do ‘umrah mufradah.

4. Some pilgrims, especially those who don’t have scissors with themselves, think that it is sufficient to pull some hair from their head or beard instead of cutting them. This is incorrect since the obligatory taqsir only happens by cutting and not by other means of getting rid of the hair.

5. A pilgrim, out of ignorance or forgetfulness, forgets to do the taqsir and removes the ihram. Then he remembers that he has not done the taqsir and so puts on the ihram again in order to do the taqsir. This is not required. It is not necessary that the taqsir be done while the pilgrim has the ihram on himself. Of course, he has to refrain from wearing things which are forbidden in ihram until has do the taqsir.