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Staying in muzdalifa

After the stay in ‘Arafat, the pilgrim has to embark on the third of the obligatory rituals of hajj and that is the stay at Muzdalifa. “Muzdalifa” is name of a place which is also known as “al-Mash‘ar al-Haram” and it is 6 k.m. from ‘Arafat and 14 k.m. from Mecca.
The pilgrim has to spend a part of the eve of ‘Idd at Muzdalifa until the dawn break. However, it is better for him to stay till the sunrise even though he is permitted to move to Wadi Mahsar a little before the sunrise – but he must not leave the Wadi before the sunrise.
One’s stay in Muzdalifa must be done with a sincere intention (niyyat) of seeking the pleasure of Almighty Allah. This may be done by saying, for example, “I will spend this night in al-Mash‘ar al-Haram for hajj at-tamattu‘ to seek nearness to Almighty Allah.” As mentioned earlier, the niyyat does not have to be uttered in some many words; a simple intention in one’s mind is sufficient.