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Rules of staying in muzdalifa

1. The expression “staying in Muzdalifa” means “the presence” of the pilgrims in Mazdalifa no matter whether they are riding, walking, standing, sitting, lying down or moving around.

2. Certain people are exempted from the “stay” in Muzdalifa (as defined in no. 1 above). These are: the children, the women, the weak, and the elderly who cannot stay that long or bear the crowd, the sick, and also those who take care of them. It is permissible for these people to stay in Muzdalifa only for a part of the night and then move on to Mina.

3. If a pilgrim is unable to stay in Muzdalifa for the entire eve of ‘Idd, not even between the dawn break and the sunrise of the next day because of illness or forgetfulness or ignorance, etc., then it is obligatory on him to say at least for some time between the sunrise and the mid-day of the day of ‘Idd. If he intentionally abandons that, then his hajj is invalid.

4. It is recommended for the pilgrim to pick seventy pebbles from Muzdalifa for use in stoning the pillars on the day of ‘Idd and after that.

5. It is recommended to combine the maghrib and ‘isha salats in Muzdalifa with one adhan and two iqamahs.

6. It is recommended to keep night vigil for ritual prayers, prescribed du‘as, etc.