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After the salat of tawaf, the pilgrim proceeds to the ninth of the obligations of hajj known as sa‘i. Its intention has to be with sincerity for seeking the pleasure of Allah. It can be done by saying, “I am doing sa‘i between Safa and Marwah seven rounds for hajj at-tamattu‘ to seek nearness of Almighty Allah.”
The method and conditions of tawaf of hajj, its salat and the sa‘i are same as mentioned earlier under ‘umrah at-tamattu‘.
It is recommended to do the tawaf of hajj and its salat on the Day of ‘Idd; however, it is permissible to delay it till the end of Dhul Hijja.
It is important to note that after doing the tawaf of hajj, its salat and the sa‘i, the prohibition of using and smelling perfume will be lifted from the pilgrim. But the restrictions as far as sexual activities and hunting is concerned, based on obligatory precaution, those will still be in place.