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Tawafun nisa’ & its salat

After completing the sa‘i, the pilgrim proceeds to the tenth of the obligatory rituals of hajj known as tawafun nisa’. After that he goes on to fulfill the eleventh ritual known as salatu tawafin nisa’.
Once the pilgrim has completed the sa‘i, he returns to the Sacred Mosque to do tawafun nisa’ with sincere intention which may be done in the following words: “I am circumambulating seven times around the Ka‘bah for tawafun nisa’ of hajj at-tamattu‘ to seek nearness to Almighty Allah.”
Then the pilgrim proceeds to do salat of tawafun nisa’ behind the Maqam Ibrahim (a.s.) with sincere intention of seeking the pleasure of Allah which may be done by saying, “I am doing two rak‘ats of tawafun nisa’ for hajj at-tamattu‘ to seek nearness of Almighty Allah.” As mentioned earlier, the niyyat does not have to done verbally.