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Common mistakes in Tawafun nisa’ & its salat

1. Sometime jama‘at prayers is held in the Sacred Mosque while the pilgrim is doing his tawafun nisa’, and that forces him to interrupt his tawaf and then he joins in the jama‘at. After the prayers, he starts the tawaf from the very beginning thinking that the prayer between the rounds of tawaf invalidated his tawaf. This is an incorrect notion because the gap in between the rounds of tawaf for sake of joining the jama‘at does not harm the validity of the tawaf. In such a case, he should continue his tawaf from wherever he had stopped for the jama‘at and there is no need for starting it from the beginning.
In the same case as above, if the pilgrim did not participate in the jama‘at prayer for whatever reason and stood on the side for ten minutes or more waiting for the jama‘at to end to continue his tawafun nisa’ – in this case the gap of ten minutes just standing at the side cancels the continuity which is an essential condition for validity of the tawaf. In this case, he has to start his tawafun nisa’ from the very beginning.

2. In a case similar to the two previous situations, sometimes the jama‘at prayer is held when the pilgrim has ended the tawafun nisa’ but has not yet started the salat of tawafun nisa’, and the pilgrim in this case participates in the jama‘at prayer to do his daily prayer. However, he also thinks that the gap between the tawafun nisa’ and the salat of tawafun nisa’ has invalidated his tawaf and so he does the tawaf all over again. This is a wrong understanding. The pilgrim in this case has to proceed with saying the salat of tawafun nisa’ and not to redo the entire tawaf.
If the pilgrim in a similar case decides not to participate in the jama‘at prayer but waits until it has ended—even then his tawafun nisa’ is valid and he can proceed to do the salat of tawafun nisa’ provided the waiting time was not more than normal during the jama‘at prayer. But if the waiting time was more than normal, then, based on precaution, he has to do the tawafun nisa’ all over again.

3. Some elderly pilgrims, men as well as women, neglect the tawafun nisa’ thinking that they have already passed the age where they would not need to establish conjugal relations with their spouses. This is an incorrect thought since tawafun nisa’ is obligatory upon all pilgrims even if they do not or cannot establish conjugal relations with their spouses.

4. Some pilgrims do the tawafun nisa’ soon after the tawaf of hajj and before doing the sa‘i. This is incorrect. However, if someone commits this mistake out of ignorance, then there is no need for him to repeat the tawafun nisa’ after doing the sa‘i.

5. Some Shi‘a pilgrims travel with caravans run by non-Shi‘a Muslims who do not believe in obligation of tawafun nisa’ and, therefore, they neglect to do that tawaf out of ignorance. The prohibition of conjugal relations will not be lifted from them until they return back to Mecca and do the tawafun nisa’ themselves. If returning to Mecca is extremely difficult for them, then they can appoint someone else to do the tawafun nisa’ on their behalf.