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Rules of mabit in Mina

1. After having spent the eve of 12th Dhul Hijja in Mina, the pilgrim is allowed to depart from there on the next day after the zuhr time before the night fall starts.
However, those who violated the rules by hunting or having conjugal relations while in the state of ihram, they are required on basis of precaution to spend one more night –eve of 13th Dhul Hijja– in Mina till the fajr of next day. They are also required, then, to do the stoning on the 13th of Dhul Hijja.

2. If the pilgrim stays in Mina on the 12th Dhul Hijja until the night fall, then he is also required to spend the eve of 13th in Mina till the next fajr time. He is also, then, required to the stoning on the 13th of Dhul Hijja.

3. In the mabit for the eves of 11th and 12th of Dhul Hijja, it is not necessary that the pilgrim should spend the whole night in Mina. He has the choice of staying either from the night fall to the mid-night or from mid-night to the fajr.

4. The following individuals are exempted from the mabit at Mina:

a) A pilgrim for whom spending the night at Mina is extremely difficult or one who fear for his life, honour or property if he stay there for the night. Such a person is exempted from mabit; but based on precaution he has to pay a penalty in form of sacrificing a sheep for each night.

b) A person who left Mina at night fall or slightly before it, and then was prevented from returning before midnight (to stay there till fajr) because of ‘ibadat in Mecca for the entire time (except when he needed to go for necessities like food, drink, etc).

5. A pilgrim who neglects mubit in Mina for whatever reason –by compulsion or forgetfulness or ignorance– he should pay a penalty by sacrificing a sheep for each night. This is based on mandatory precaution.

6. There is no penalty on a pilgrim who left Mecca for Mina but could not reach Mina because of the crowd provided he did not knowingly delay his department from Mecca.

7. A pilgrim chooses to spend the second half of night in Mecca engaged in worship instead of mubit in Mina but then he is overcome by slumber and sleeps for a while. Based on precaution, such a pilgrim has to pay a penalty.