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Rules of stoning the pillars

1. Niyyat: the intention with sincerity and for sake of seeking the pleasure of Almighty Allah which may be said as follows: “I am stoning the First (i.e., Sughra) Pillar for hajj at-tamattu‘ to seek nearness of Almighty Allah.”
The niyyat for the second and the third pillars can also be done in the same way. As mentioned earlier, the niyyat need not be done in verbal form. The pilgrim should do the stoning in order: the Sughra Pillar, then the Wusta Pillar, and then the ‘Uqbah pillar.

2. The pilgrim should stone the pillars with seven pebbles each with the conditions mentioned earlier regarding the stoning of the ‘Uqbah Pillar on the day of ‘Idd.

3. If one fears considerable harm in doing the stoning by himself in its required time, then he is allowed to appoint someone else to do the stoning on his behalf. The decision depends totally on one’s conscience.

4. While stoning the ‘Uqbah Pillar, it is recommended to face towards the Pillar with one’s back towards the qiblah; and while stoning the other two Pillars, it is recommended to face towards the qiblah.

Once the pilgrim completes these rituals, his hajj comes to end and he returns home, insha Allah, just like a new born who is free from sins. Congratulations to him.