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Recommendations before putting on the ihram

There are many recommendations before putting on the ihram. The most important ones are the following:

1. To clean one’s body, clip the nail, and get rid of the hair in the armpits and the pubic area.

2. To do the major ritual ablution (ghusl) for ihram with the sincere intention of pleasing the Almighty by saying the following: “I am doing the major ritual ablution for the ihram of ‘umrah at-tamattu‘ of hajj at-tamattu‘ in order to seek nearness to Almighty Allah.”

3. To put on the ihram after doing an obligatory prayer. If it is not yet the time for obligatory prayer, then he should pray six raka‘at or two rak‘at in which he recites in the first, after al-hamd, surah at-Tawhid and in the second, after al-hamd, surah al-Kafirun.

There are other recommendations which cannot be numerated here for sake of brevity.