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Obligations of ihram

Once a person has done the recommendations, then he should proceed to the obligatory stages of putting on the ihram which are three:

1. The intention: it is sufficient to have the sincere intention of seeking nearness of God in one’s mind without the need to say it verbally. However, if he wants to say, then he may say it in the following way: “I am putting on the ihram for ‘umrah at-tamattu‘ of hajj at-tamattu‘ for seeking nearness of Almighty Allah.”

2. For Men: To put on the two pieces of ihram garment which consists of an extra large size towel tied from the waist going downwards and another placed over the shoulders. It is obligatory precaution for men to put it on before the niyyat and the talbiyyah. As far as the women are concerned, they may put by the ihram by using on their own normal clothings.

3. Saying the talbiyyah at the time of niyyat. It will be sufficient to say: “Lab-bay-ka Allahumma lab-bay-ka; lab-bay-ka la sharika laka lab-bay-ka; innal hamda wan ni‘mata laka wal mulk; la sharika laka lab-bay-ka.” The pilgrim must say the talbiyya in the proper Arabic pronunciation even if he needs to learn or follow someone in repeating those words correctly.

It is recommended to add the following to the talbiyya: “Lab-bay-ka dha ’l-ma‘arij lab-bay-ka; lab-bay-ka da‘iyan ila dari ’s-salam lab-bay-ka; lab-bay-ka ghaffara ’dh-dhunubi lab-bay-ka; lab-bay-ka ahla ’t-talbiyya; lab-bay-ka tubdiyu wa ’l-ma‘ad ilayka lab-bay-ka; lab-bay-ka tastaghni wa yaftaqiru ilayka lab-bay-ka; lab-bay-ka marhuban wa marghuban ilayka lab-bay-ka; lab-bay-ka ilaha ’l-haqq lab-bay-ka; lab-bay-ka dha ’n-na‘ma’i wa ’l-fadli ’l-hasani ’l-jamil lab-bay-ka; lab-bay-ka kashshafa ’l-kurubi ’l-‘idham lab-bay-ka; lab-bay-ka ‘abduka wabnu ‘abdayka lab-bay-ka; lab-bay-ka ya karim.”

It is further recommended to add the following to the talbiyya: “lab-bay-ka ataqarrabu ilayka bi Muhammadin wa Al-I Muhammadin lab-bay-ka; lab-bay-ka bi hajjatin aw ‘umrah lab-bay-ka; lab-bay-ka wa hadhihi ‘umratu mut‘atu ila ’l-hajji lab-bay-ka; lab-bay-ka ahla ’t-talbiyya lab-bay-ka; lab-bay-ka talbiyya tamamuha wa balaghuha ‘alayka.”
It is recommended to repeat the talbiyya as much as possible, especially after every obligatory prayer, while getting on the vehicle or getting out of it, while ascending or descending (in the plane), and at time of dawn.
It is recommended for the men, and not the women, to say the talbiyya loud.
This recommendation continues until the pilgrims see the houses of the old Mecca at which time the tabliyya should be stopped as precaution.