Allamah Sayyed Murtada al-Kashmiri hails the historic statement by saying:
• The Iraqis, who are going through the fourth exciting experience of the election of their MPs, were advised to abide by the details of the Democratic political statement issued by the Supreme Grand Ayatullah Sistani on 5 May 2018.
20 شعبان 1439هـ

His speech came at Imam al-Hussain Foundation in the British capital –London- on the anniversary of the blessing birth of the Awaited Saviour, i.e. Imam al-Mahdi (ajf) in a meeting with the presence of scholars, intellectuals and heads of Islamic centres from different communities. He said:

The Supreme Grand Ayatullah in Najaf, has called for democracy since the early days of the occupants’ invasion of Iraq. His eminence wanted the people of Iraq to espouse it like other sophisticated and civilized nations -European and others- to abide by it, in order to use their right to elect those whom they consider that they would serve Iraq and Iraqis. This civilized election should be performed without duress, terror, nor any racial or sectarian intimidation. The Western World has witnessed it, while even one of the foreign newspapers has written an extensive article on democracy in Iraq when it stated: ‘al-Sistani teaches Bush democracy!’ His Eminence wanted Iraq to remain as a model and an elevated example which other nations can follow, reaching prosperity, peace and security. His wise leadership has given the Iraqi citizen needed power and has motivated him with force, where s/he would vote, not due to be imprisoned by his/ her own desires and whims, nor their narrow-minded interests! His Eminence does not want the Iraqis to sell his/her future, nor to ruin the future of Iraq at a cheap price, relying solely on false promises! His Eminence wanted all Iraqis to rely on their own intellect and ideas! One has to rely solely on one’s intellect and the past experience with those who had lived, from any form of influence without sectarian, partial, ideological or even clan-wise. The Iraqi must lead the Iraqi citizens to know, whom has he elected and who was chosen to represent them! Voting represents a big and heavy burden of honesty, as we’ll bear a big and dangerous responsibility that God will ask us for and history is watching for generations to come.

That is why one must elect those who possess the needed competence, honesty and the commitment to moral values and principles. They have to be far from realising foreign agendas, respect the rule of law, be willing to sacrifice in order to save the nation, serve other Iraqi citizens, be able to apply a feasible programme in order to solve the long existing crises and worsening problems for years.

His eminence has added that this statement has paved the way for a road map -not only for Iraqis, but for all the free and honourable Nations, who aspire to live with dignity and self-respect, that Almighty Allah has drawn for them (Indeed [pride and] honour are solely for Allah (swt) and His Prophet (sawas) and for the believers). Holy Qur’an: Chapter 63: Verse 8

His eminence has also spoken about the role of the authority and Shi’ah High rank leadership during the age of occultation of the Twelfth Imam (as), and its intellectual contribution throughout the history and various times! He has emphasized on their wise political standpoint during the historical case of the tobacco, the Iranian constitutional movement, the Iraqi revolution in the year nineteen hundred twenty –during the last century, the Fatwa of late Ayatollah al-Hakim, and the fatwa of the contemporary Ayatollah Sistani on the collective duty of defence that has led to forming the national mobilization of voluntaries of self-defence forces.

He said: I have lived and associated with a number of contemporary great Shi’ah scholars and high rank authorities both in Iran and Iraq, which coincided with the flourishing time of Shi’ah high rank authorities living at the same period. This has continued until the time of the late Grand Ayatollah al-Kho’ie (ra), who was accepted as high rank and authority by the majority of Shi’ahs worldwide! Then it has reached his eminence Grand Ayatollah al-Sistani (may Allah prolong his life), who has taken the initiative and unique lead in managing the Shi’ah Advanced Seminary and in teaching in Najaf, despite the difficulties and troubles that were never experienced in the past. With all thanks and praise to Almighty God (swt), Najaf has reverted to its honour and blessings in the contemporary time! The [Shi’ah Advanced Seminary] Hawzah is now flourishing with its teachers, students and various schools, which were recently founded! These developments could never have been achieved without the blessings of the holy shrine of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (as), the great honourable Imam and the commander of the faithful.

We ask Almighty Allah (swt) to keep our high rank Shi’ah authorities, our scholars, our [Shi’ah Advanced Seminary] Hawzahs and our close friends from all fatal and miserable incidents that may befall them, He (swt) is indeed the great Lord, who listens to His servants and accept their whispering prayers.