The representative of the leading Marja’iya in Europe appeals to the Majlise Ulama Shia Europe to look at several important issues:
• Demand the British Ministry of Education not to oblige its Muslim students to learn some material contrary to their religion and morals.
• Emphasize the position of the leading Marja’iya and its important role in building a good community.
• Establish working groups of Ullema and specialists in each center to address young peoples’ reluctance to marry in the West.
26 Shaban 1439

He was speaking at the Majlise Ulama Shia Europe (MUS) function, held in London on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its establishment in England, in which he reviewed the MUS’s achievements over that period - the most important of which is the attention given to educating the children of the Islamic communities of different nationalities in order to preserve their religious and cultural identity. Allama Sayyid Murtadha Al-Kashmiri also praised the MUS’s efforts for all Momineen and suggested the following:

1- To ask the British Ministry of Education to exempt its Muslim students from studying material contrary to their religion and morals. He said that the ministry takes this request into account and that Imam Ali Foundation will assist in order to protect the Muslim community’s children.

2- MUS, should pay attention to the young people who are distancing themselves from Islam as a result of biased propaganda to distort it with falsehoods and lies. The scholars need to hold monthly sessions for young people and use proofs from the Qur'an and the Sunnah so they may become aware of their religion and faith.

3 – Attention to resolving family problems that are abundant these days and are increasing day after day as a result of the couple’s ignorance of each other’s rights. Because of this, divorce occurs and the family is lost with its children falling prey to the contaminated environment or to unsafe hands. Monthly or periodic meetings are required in each center with the participation of knowledgeable and specialist people to address the issue and restore families to their normal way of life wherever possible.

4- Urged the MUS to hold informative sessions for young people who are reluctant to marry and study the reasons behind this, using experienced and specialized psychologists and sociologists to diagnose the problem and advise the solution.

5 – Emphasized on spreading the culture of love and coexistence among Muslims according to the saying of the Almighty: ((...Now then hath come unto you a clear (sign) from your Lord and a guide and a mercy...)) Holy Qur’an 6:157 - away from differences that fuel disputes and disagreements between them – as the Almighty says: ((...and fall into no disputes, lest ye lose heart and your power depart...))Holy Qur’an 8:46

6-To emphasis on the role of the Marja’iya and its importance in building a good community; also Taqlid and its importance, so that the individual Muslim knows about his Shar’i duties – providing he refers to the most knowledgeable and most devout and most pious Marja’ – in addition to commitment to the obligation of Khums, which is the main source for the establishment of Hawzas and religious institutions, care for the poor and needy, widows and orphans . One must not to listen to what is disseminated by biased advocates of falsehood that this money goes to personal banks and does not benefit anyone but its recipients!

7- He praised the constructive Hussaini rituals that create a disciplined Ummah committed to matters of its religion, faith and duties in line with the goals of Imam Al-Hussain (a.s.) and away from all that distorts this noble rite, which the world now looks upon with great reverence through the millions of Muslims and others who go to Ziyarate.